Graphic Design

Design story of your products

Websites, businesses and brands are all much more than just words and products – they’re also images and art. Graphic design is an integral part of any business and that’s as true for your company’s image and your marketing. Visual content converts faster than words alone. Colorful, high-resolution images, and illustrative graphics can help potential buyers better understand your products and services and help them see – literally – the benefits they offer.

ProfyLab Studio can help you to design story of your products, services and corporate identity. We offer brand logo design, label design, business card design, web design, brochures and other services.

Corporate Identity Design

For a business, whether it is a large corporation, a small business or even an individual who runs a service, it is your identity that differentiates your company in the marketplace. Your corporate identity will convey the persona of your business, by establishing its character and vision. This flows into branding and marketing strategies. An effective corporate identity will create consumer loyalty and even increase your customer base, while attracting new investors.

We can help you to establish and develop corporate identity to deliver the persona of your business to your clients. Here's the services we offer:

  • Product Packaging Design
  • Brand Logo
  • CSM Design
  • Business Card Design
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Business and Advertising Design

Advertising can be seen as a mean of marketing communication for businesses to promote or sell their idea, product or service. Advertising helps to keep the consumers informed about new products or services that are available in the market. It helps to spread awareness about products or services to consumers and potential buyers.

  • Inforgaphics
  • Postcard Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Leaflet Design
  • Poster Design
  • Pamphlet
  • Banner
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Merchandise Design
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Web Design

Web design is a process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.Today the front of your website is essentially your store front. Whenever meeting a new person or potential client, you always worry about making the best possible first impression. So why should your website be any different? Your website should be an immediate reflection of you, your personality and your business.

We can help you to create best user interface for your business and provide best user experience for your clients.

  • Wordpress Design
  • Web Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Form
  • Mobile App Design
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Working With ProfyLab


We are experienced digital marketing agency, we have been offering graphic design services for several years for all sized businesses and government organizations.


Our team of experts help you to create best user interface, and provide best user experience for your clients through online and offline channels.


We focus on results. We have result-oriented approach that cuts a clear path through the digital detritus, and helps to fulfill your organizational goals.

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